All the Insurance Players Will Be Insurtech

A wave of innovation is finally reshaping the insurance industry

di M. Carbone e A. Silvello

(in inglese)

Procedi all'acquistoImagine having an insurance “agent” on your smart phone, in a single app. With just a tap or two, you can insure anything you own at any time, for as long or as little as you like. Your insurance app, which has been paying attention to your wants and needs, makes suggestions from time to time—suggesting travel insurance after you’ve booked a flight, and, when you move into a new apartment, prompting you to update your renter’s insurance. What’s more, the packages you see fit your budget. That’s service! The digital revolution is happening now, transforming the way we live, work, play, and shop, and empowering customers as never before. Already we see these changes in retail, travel, fashion, and other mature businesses. Can the staid insurance industry be far behind? One thing we know is this: we cannot stop progress. Technology affects us all, and will do so increasingly. Keeping up—or, even better, getting ahead of the curve—must be our goal, now and in the future. The InsurTech train is leaving the station. More competitors are on their way, and the ride promises to be exhilarating. When it takes off, will you be on board?

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