Insurance 4.0

Benefits and Challenges of Digital Transformation

di B. Nicoletti

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This book:

  • Presents both a theoretical and conceptual business model of Insurance 4.0
  • Features an extensive number of applications of the model in financial services organizations, including insurance companies
  • Showcases the benefits and challenges of Insurance 4.0
  • Explores not only what to do but how to implement a digital transformation in
    insurance companies

Industry 4.0 has spread globally since its inception in 2011, now encompassing many sectors, including its diffusion in the field of financial services. By combining information technology and automation, it is now canvassing the insurance sector, which is in dire need of digital transformation. This book presents a business model of Insurance 4.0 by detailing its implementation in processes, platforms, persons, and partnerships of the insurance companies
alongside looking at future developments. Filled with business cases in insurance companies and financial services, this book will be of interest to those academics and researchers of insurance, financial technology, and digital transformation, alongside executives and managers of insurance companies.

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